Care Package Items:

The best way to send a care package is to send with a team coming down. When it is sent in the mail, it is costly to ship and there is a tax on this end.

Lee: Candy: Ocean Spray berries and cherries fruit snacks or any kind of General Mills Fruit snacks, Dr. Pepper Jelly Beans, Dep blue gel, Speed Stick Antiperspirant, Oral B floss (little white circular one)

Robyn:  Peanut M and M's,Triscuits, wheat thins. Healthy granola bars, Chocolate:)  Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Conditioner, Frizz Ease Dream Curls Curl Perfecting Spray, Crest toothpaste 

Joshua: ( now at college in Texas so just message us if you want his address) Hot Fries, Dr Pepper Jelly Beans, beef jerky, sweet and salty granola bars, vanilla wafers, fruit by the foot, Itunes gift cards

Tori: Hot Cheetos, Jelly Belly (or walmart has brand) mixed jelly beans Items: Nail polish, headphones,  nail polish remover, face masks, Johnson and Johnson lotion


Kailey: rice Krispy treats, nail polish, dangly silver earrings, small junior tshirts, long shorts, size 7 flip flops or sandals

Erika: beef jerkey, hot Cheetos, Johnson and Johnson lotion, small earrings, rice Krispy treats


Elizabeth ( our new intern): dove dark chocolate with almonds, chez mix sweet and salty, purpose face wash (Johnson and Johnson), Pantene BB Cream, crest pro health whitening toothpaste, degree shower clean deodorant, simple face moisturizer

General Grocery Items that are a blessing:  Mini white marshmallows, Nilla Wafers, Chocolate Chips, Pecans



1.      NKJV Paperback: (Best price for bulk) (MOST IMPORTANT)

2. HP Printer Ink

3. Worship CDs or ITunes cards to purchase the latest worship music. 

We want bring Belize worship from IHOP, Jesus Culture, Bethel, CFN Music, etc…

4. Children's ministry prizes (like small things from Oriental Trading), stickers, glue sticks, construction paper, foam projects/stickers - Link to product

5. Visitor Packets: - Link to product

6. 100 Blank CDs in bulk. Link to product


When sending liquid items, please place in a plastic zip lock bag Please take tags off of clothing, open packaging, etc, anything so that it is determined a personal item. Otherwise, they will think it is for resale and charge us a duty, possibly. 

Lee and Robyn Brockinton
23/25 Kiskadee
Belmopan, Belize CA


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