Hello Ministry Partners.

Welcome to the first newsletter of the Brockintons in Belize. Every month we plan to send out a monthly newsletter about all that God is doing in Belmopan through your partnership with us. At first I will share on the progress and preparedness for moving to Belize in February of 2011. Once we are there, we will send you the newsletter full of photos to share what God is doing – hopefully this will put a face to the work

We will also connect with you via Facebook (mine: Lee Brockinton).
Robyn’s blog,, will share her journey of the missionfield. Robyn does a great job capturing
the emotions and of our journey. You are always free to email me as well:
Rounded Rectangle: What We Will Be Doing In Belize:

To summarize, we will plant a healthy church in Belmopan in order to raise up reproducible leaders to

 plant new churches throughout the nation of Belize.  We desire to take the first year to see 12-20 new Believers won to the Lord.  With that small group of 20, we will focus on discipleing  them and raising them up to be exceptional leaders.  After a year or two, we will have the solid leadership to truly impact the city for the Lord.        Many times, people desire to have a large crowd quick.  We feel that this would only hinder us, rather than help us.  Trying to disciple 100 is a whole lot more difficult than discipleing 20.  Often times a larger crowd dilutes the effectiveness of leadership development.  Jesus taught us how to raise up leaders by personally investing into their lives, teaching them, and releasing them to go out and practically do what they have been shown.  So in order for us to truly impact the city for the Lord, we must begin small, very

Rounded Rectangle:  
For Churches Wanting to Schedule Me To Come Minister:
I would love to come and share about our vision and passion for Belize.  I could share for 10 minutes or preach a message – either would be awesome.  I currently have October – January open.  August and September are booked solid.



focused on raising up and releasing well equipped Believers.  These well-equipped few will go out and duplicate what they have been equipped for and together as a team, we can impact the city.  We see this example with Jesus and His disciples as well as with Paul’s instruction to Timothy: II Timothy 2:2 - And the things that you have heard from me among many witnesses, commit these to faithful men who will be able to teach others also.
Rounded Rectangle: Budget Update:

God is so good and so amazing.  Churches of all denominations have felt the leading of the Lord to partner with us in Belize.  We are well on our way to achieving out budgetary needs.  Below you will see a graph that tells you where we are in the process.


If you know of churches or individuals that you feel would be interested in partnering with us, please don’t hesitate to let us know


How To Give: 

Go to our website at: – there you will see a yellow box that links to our online giving.  This is the easiest and quickest way to give.  You can give monthly or just a onetime gift.

You can also send any funds to Life Church, Po Box 311, Katy, Texas 77492.  The check memo must say: Belize, led by Lee Brockinton

Rounded Rectangle: July’s Missions Trip

We had an amazing God-centered time in Belize.  The July Mission trip had a two-fold purpose for my family.  First,  to bring a team of 20 to reach out to the towns of Benque and SantaElena.  Secondly, our trip was to prepare for our move in January or February of 2011.  Well, both purposes were very successful.  Our team of 20 divided into teams of 10 to reach out to each town.  We ministered to over 140 kids during the week and saw 55 children as well as adult come to know Jesus as there Savior. 


The pictures below:

Top left: Tori, my daughter ministering to the children in Benque.

Top middle: The home of a little 9 year old girl named Jennifer that we ministered to.

Top right: My first experience driving in Belize.  I was terrified at first attempting to drive through the very busy streets of

                Santa Elena and Benque.  I also had to drive up and down some very rocky roads, but after the first drive, I was more

                confident and did fine.

Middle left: Josh holding a 5 foot long Iguana we caught where we were staying.

Middle right: Tuesday Night Service that I preached at.

Middle center:  The beautiful landscape of Belize.

Middle left: Ministering to the children.

Middle center:  Slats in a bridge called Faith Bridge – you see why it is named “FAITH BRIDGE”.

Middle right: Robyn ministering to a little girl.

Bottom Left: The Faith Bridge over the Belize river

Bottom center: University of Belize – where we will reach out in Belmopan.

Bottom right: Ministry to the children in Santa Elena


I wanted to update you on the move to Belmopan.  We are still on target to move late January or early February.  We think we found a home.  This particular home is about a 10 minute walk from the University of  Belize campus.  It is right up the street from the only mosque in Belize – so we have something to pray about.  We need a larger home to accommodate my office, guests coming to stay with us and a couple of people that may join us on the mission field.  We also need a larger space to begin the church.  Well this house has a huge balcony – it will make a perfect place to host gatherings for the church.  We should know soon if we are getting the home.


Thank you, thank you, thank you for your prayers and partnership.  I am so amazed how God is orchestrating this journey.  My family greatly appreciates your prayers.  Please feel free to disperse this newsletter to anyone that you feel would be blessed by it.


We bless you in the Name of Jesus: Lee, Robyn. Josh, Tori, and Erika

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