November 2010 NEWSLETTER
Rounded Rectangle: Hello Ministry Partners,
 We are three months away from departure. 
Thank you, Thank, Thank you for your prayers and financial support.


We will also connect with you via Facebook (mine: Lee Brockinton).
Robyn’s blog,, will share her journey of the missionfield. Robyn does a great job capturing
the emotions and of our journey. You are always free to email me as well:
Rounded Rectangle: Budget Update:

Praise the Lord, we are booked in a different church each week to minister and share about our vision for Belize until we leave.   It has been a great joy to experience the uniqueness of each church as we travel.  Each church passionate about winning their community and the world for Jesus.

The chart reflects our budgetary needs and where we are in the process.  We still need to raise 26% of our monthly commitments before February of 2011.  Please believe God with us to raise the funds needed. 

Rounded Rectangle: How To Give -   3 easy convenient ways:

Rounded Rectangle: 1.            Go to our website at: – there you will see a yellow box that links to our online giving. 

            This is the easiest and quickest way to give.  

Rounded Rectangle: 2..            Send a check to: FMI ,  PO Box 26776,  Los Angeles, CA 90026  (see coupon on last page)

            The check memo must read: Belize, led by Lee Brockinton  (FMI will send you a receipt every time you give)

Rounded Rectangle: 3.               You can also send any funds to Life Church, Po Box 311, Katy, Texas 77492. 

            The check memo must read: Belize, led by Lee Brockinton

Rounded Rectangle:  
Here’s another super book that will challenge your walk.  It’s called, 
by Francis Chan
Psalm 30:5b
…His favor 
is for 


This prayer newsletter goes out to almost 300 families and about 50  churches that are praying for us on the field.  We so earnestly covet these prayers for what God desires to do through us in the nation of Belize. 

Intercession is the Biblical self-sacrificial work of pouring one's self out for others in prayer.  I Timothy 2:1 (NKJV) - Therefore I exhort first of all that supplications, prayers, intercessions, and giving of thanks be made for all men,

I want to share with you a powerful story from a young man named Brandon.  I was a Children’s pastor over 18 years ago and Brandon was one of the children. He found me on Facebook about three weeks ago.  I share this because it communicates the awesome, powerful and supernatural God that we serve.  That God is raising up intercessors not only through my personal contacts, but from His Divine Hand.

This is Brandon’s own words.  I wanted to share with you something that I think will bless you. For one reason or another, you and Robyn really made an impression on me when I was a kid. I still remember you telling a story about how you met her...I think you were at a wedding or church service and you were messing with her hair? Anyway - I just remember really loving you guys and being very sad when you moved to Youngstown. That's been years...I couldn't have been more than 9 or 10...

Fast forward to about a year ago and I was going through a very tough time in my life. I spent several years struggling with substance abuse and couldn't hold down a job...about a year ago I decided to try to recommit my life to the Lord but was still struggling with how to grow my relationship with Him and avoid temptations. He showed me that in my prayer time He didn't want me to moan and complain to Him about all my problems, but rather spend that time in praise and worship of Him as well as spend it praying for the needs of others.  So, to the best of my abilities, I did. And the Lord was faithful and showed me people to be praying for, some extremely random.

One night I had a dream...more of a memory of standing in the children's church area at Bethel and listening to you tell the story of how you met Robyn. I woke up the next day and the Lord told me to pray for you and your family. A day or two later I had another dream about you and Robyn ministering in a foreign country...I remember they seemed to be of Hispanic origin. So I prayed for you guys. I then never really thought about it again.

Brandon found me on Facebook about three weeks ago and discovered that his dreams were prophetic and that his prayers were Holy Spirit driven intercessions for my family as we go to the mission field.

Ministry Partners – We will never know all those that God raises up to pray for us on this side of Heaven.  Only in Heaven, will we discover how God spoke to people of our past and those that we have never even met to intercede for us.  God is a good good God.  This is just another confirmation that we are in the Lord’s will and that He is going before us and preparing the way.  Go God!!

Rounded Rectangle: My Preaching  Schedule

November:                                                                         December:                                                 January:   

7 – Crossroads Community Church                             5 - Life 4SQ in Houston                      2 - Covenant Christian Center

13 – Family Life A/G                                                    12 – El Encuentro in Katy                    9 – New Hope in Rosenberg

14 – Overcomers Church – Midlothian,                      19 – 2nd Baptist in Highlands                16 – Bethel temple in Abilene

17 – Joy Fellowship in Irving                                                                                                                  23 – Life Church in Katy

20 - Pastor’s meeting in Tulsa                                                                                                                30 – Katy Community Fellowship

21-  Tulsa 1st Foursquare & Hope Church

28 – Hosanna Church

Sunday and Wednesday nights are still open.


Feel free to email me:	Robyn’s blog:	
My Cell Phone: 281-216-9972		          Facebook: (mine: Lee Brockinton) 

We bless you in the Name of Jesus: Lee, Robyn. Josh, Tori, and Erika
The Brockinton Family   (



We bless you in the Name of Jesus: Lee, Robyn. Josh, Tori, and Erika

The Brockinton Family   (

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