October 2010 NEWSLETTER
Rounded Rectangle: Hello Ministry Partners,
Because of you – we can serve the wonderful            people of Belize. Your prayers and financial support allows my family to obey the Lord and touch a nation.  Thank you for partnering with us in reaching Belizeans for Jesus.  Your support does make a difference!


We will also connect with you via Facebook (mine: Lee Brockinton).
Robyn’s blog, www.brockintons.blogspot.com, will share her journey of the missionfield. Robyn does a great job capturing
the emotions and of our journey. You are always free to email me as well: lee@lifebelize.com
Rounded Rectangle: What We Will Be Doing In Belize:

Discipling a generation. Our heart is to raise up reproducible disciples. It is all about relationships, relationships, relationships. Jesus lived out a powerful example to us. He spent quality time with 12 men, that according to Acts 17:6, turned the world upside down. The best way to touch this generation for the Kingdom, is to live out the example of Jesus. Fathering, mentoring, coaching, discipling – this is our mission. To raise up a generation that is mature enough and well equipped to touch the nation of Belize.

The location of our home in Belize is very strategic. It needs to be close walking distance to the University of Belize campus. We want it to be close enough to the university that young adults will feel the freedom to come over and spend time at our house. It needs to be large enough to allow us to start the church in, office out of, accommodate others living with us and welcoming guests that come to visit and minister with us. Our home will be a strategic place of ministry. We found a home that would fit our needs well in Belmopan, but the landlord did not want to hold it for us. It was within a 10 minutes walking distance to the university. 

Rounded Rectangle:  
For Churches Wanting to Schedule Me To Come Minister:
I would love to come and share about our vision and passion for Belize.  I could share for 10 minutes or preach a message – either would be awesome.  I currently have October – January open.  September is    booked solid.


It also was the perfect size to fulfill our needs. It was on the same street of the only mosque in the entire nation of Belize. What a great location to know how to pray for a nation. Please play that the Lord would open up this door or find us a home close by. The Lord knows exactly where He wants us to live.

The Lord has already begun to open the doors at the university. I met the director of student activities and she gave me an open door to reach out to the students. In fact, she told me that I could speak to the entire student body if I desired.

In previous newsletters I have discussed the discipleship material we will use to equip the new Believers. The manuals will be implemented through close relationships. Thanks to our web master, Francisco – we now have all the manuals online including one in Spanish. They are there in a PDF file as well as a MS Word file. Feel free to download them and utilize any part of them for ministry. We have been perfecting them throughout our 18 years of ministry. 


While you are there online:

1. Check out the video section.

2. New pictures will be updated regularly.

3. This newsletter and past newsletters can be found online.

4. There is more information about Belize and our vision for Belize.

5. We will have a list of our needs and how to send us a care package.

6. You can support us financially through a link on the web site.

7. There are other links to FMI, Robyn’s blog, etc…

Rounded Rectangle: Budget Update:

God is faithful. We are ministering in a different church almost every Sunday now. In fact, we only have 3 available Sundays out of 14 till the end of the year. 

The chart reflects our budgetary needs and where we are in the process. October is a very important month for us. Many churches have said, YES, we definitely desire to partner with you, but will tell you how much after the next year’s budget is created. For the most part, we should find out in the month of October. So please pray for FAVOR with the churches as they sow into the ministry in Belize.

The last 10-20% of raising funds is the hardest – so if you know of churches or individuals that you feel would be interested in partnering with us, please don’t hesitate to let us know.

How To Give

Go to our website at: www.lifebelize.com – there you will see a yellow box that links to our online giving.  This is the easiest and quickest way to give.  

You can also send any funds to Life Church, Po Box 311, Katy, Texas 77492.  The check memo must say: Belize, led by Lee Brockinton

Rounded Rectangle: My Preaching  Schedule

October:                                                                   November:                                                                 December:    

3 – Rock Island Church                                           7 – Crossroads Comm. Church                             5 - Life 4SQ in Houston

10 – Life Church in Katy                                       13 – Family Life A/G                                            12 – El Encuentro in Katy

17 – Trinity Apostolic in Katy                              14 – Overcomers Church                                       19 – 2nd Baptist in Highlands

24 - OPEN                                                             20/21- Pastor’s meeting in Tulsa  & Tulsa 1st Foursquare

31 - OPEN                                                             28 – Hosanna Church


Many Sunday and Wednesday nights are still open as well


We bless you in the Name of Jesus: Lee, Robyn. Josh, Tori, and Erika

The Brockinton Family   (www.lifebelize.com)

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