September 2010 NEWSLETTER
Hello Ministry Partners.

Welcome to the first newsletter of the Brockintons in Belize. Every month we plan to send out a monthly newsletter about all that God is doing in Belmopan through your partnership with us. At first I will share on the progress and preparedness for moving to Belize in February of 2011. Once we are there, we will send you the newsletter full of photos to share what God is doing – hopefully this will put a face to the work

We will also connect with you via Facebook (mine: Lee Brockinton).
Robyn’s blog,, will share her journey of the missionfield. Robyn does a great job capturing
the emotions and of our journey. You are always free to email me as well:
Rounded Rectangle: What We Will Be Doing In Belize:

My family is going to Belize to reach first time Believers and to father them in the faith.  Recently, Belize did a ten year study to determine why the murder rate and gangs where such a huge problem.  The analysis determined that the reason was due to the lack of fathers.  In fact 2/3 of the homes in Belize City do not have a father in the home, therefore the kids find the father on the streets in the gangs.

Now apply this to our Biblical mandate to go and make disciples found in Matthew 28.   That is what Jesus did with His 12 disciples.  He spent 3 ½ years fathering (discipling) this rag tag group of young men that later would take the gospel to the ends of the earth.  The mission field is missing spiritual fathers.  The mission field does not need “hired hands” to come, it needs men and women willing to walk with people as spiritual fathers and mothers.

Rounded Rectangle:  
For Churches Wanting to Schedule Me To Come Minister:
I would love to come and share about our vision and passion for Belize.  I could share for 10 minutes or preach a message – either would be awesome.  I currently have October – January open.  September is    booked solid.


We will raise up spiritual sons and daughters who will take what they have been taught and father others.  Fathering is not done in a day, it is a process of a deep strategic relationship that equips others through a lifestyle of mentoring.  We are going to Belize to father a generation of young Belizeans to take the gospel to their nation. 

 Just this week, in the midst of youth worship, the Holy Spirit gave my 11 year old daughter a powerful vision for Belize.  As she began to share with me about her vision, she wept uncontrollably for what God had showed her.  She saw a young girl with torn clothes and bruises upon her body.  The Holy Spirit told her that she needed to be ready to share her room, her clothes, and be prepared to provide many things for this young girl.  If she would do that, then this young girl would change the nation of Belize.   Now I am not sure if this vision is for a specific girl that we will reach out to, but I do believe the Lord is speaking through this vision and saying, “If we would be willing to father them (mother them); If we would be willing to disciple this generation of young people, then He would use them to touch this nation for His glory”.  Our heart is to reach young adults to father them to take this great nation of Belize for God’s great glory. 

Rounded Rectangle: Budget Update:

God is so good.  We continue to make contacts and are scheduled to minister in a different church over the next 7 weeks.  It has been such a joy to visit with so many pastors and minister in their churches.  Pastors with a passion for their cities and a passion for world missions. 

Looking at the graph, I have left it unchanged from last month.  There are many churches and individuals that have said yes to partnering with us, but are waiting for budget decisions before letting us know how much.

Sometimes the last 10-20% of raising funds is the hardest – so if you know of churches or individuals that you feel would be interested in partnering with us, please don’t hesitate to let us know.

How To Give: 

Go to our website at: – there you will see a yellow box that links to our online giving.  This is the easiest and quickest way to give.  

You can also send any funds to Life Church, Po Box 311, Katy, Texas 77492.  The check memo must say: Belize, led by Lee Brockinton

Rounded Rectangle: My Preaching  Schedule

September:                                                                     October:                                                  November:                              

5 – Conerstone in Houston                                 3 – Rock Island Church                   7 – Crossroads Comm. Church

12 – The Crossing in Texas City                   10 – Life Church in Katy              13 – Family Life A/G

19 – Connect4Life Church in Dallas           17 – Trinity Apostolic in Katy  14 – Overcomers Church

26 – Praise Christian in Houston                     24 - OPEN                                          20- Pastor’s meeting in Tulsa

29 – Church On The Rock in Katy               31 - OPEN                                          21 – Tulsa 1st Foursquare

                                                                                                                                                                        28 – Hosanna Church


Many Sunday and Wednesday nights are still open as well


We bless you in the Name of Jesus: Lee, Robyn. Josh, Tori, and Erika

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